Top 20 Dog Forums Every Canine Enthusiast Should Know

For dog lovers and owners, connecting with fellow enthusiasts can be an invaluable experience. Dog forums provide an interactive platform where you can share your experiences, seek advice, and engage in discussions about our beloved furry companions. In this blog post, we present a carefully curated list of the 20 best dog forums on the internet. Each forum listed below offers a unique community, valuable information, and a supportive network of fellow dog lovers. Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a new puppy parent, these forums are sure to provide a wealth of knowledge and camaraderie.

#1 –

Established: 2003
Users: 250,000+
Posts: 2,000,000+ is a comprehensive online community where dog owners, trainers, and enthusiasts come together to share their experiences and knowledge. With a focus on all aspects of dog care, training, behavior, and health, this forum provides a supportive space to seek advice and connect with like-minded individuals.

#2 –

Name: The Dog Forum
Established: 2008
Users: 100,000+
Posts: 1,500,000+

The Dog Forum is a vibrant UK-based community dedicated to discussing everything dog-related. From training tips and breed-specific discussions to nutrition advice and general dog chat, this forum covers a wide range of topics to cater to dog owners of all backgrounds and experiences.

#3 – Reddit – r/dogs

Name: Reddit – r/dogs
Established: 2008
Users: 2,000,000+
Posts: N/A

With a massive and active user base, the r/dogs subreddit is a bustling hub for dog enthusiasts worldwide. Users share stories, seek advice, and engage in discussions covering various aspects of dog ownership. From heartwarming tales to informative threads, this subreddit has it all.

#4 – Dogz Online Forums

Name: Dogz Online Forums
Established: 1999
Users: 75,000+
Posts: 1,200,000+

Dogz Online Forums is Australia’s leading online community for dog lovers. From show dog enthusiasts to pet owners, this forum offers a supportive space to discuss breed-specific matters, training techniques, and health-related issues, while also providing a platform to connect with local dog lovers.

#5 –

Established: 2007
Users: 50,000+
Posts: 800,000+ is a niche dog forum dedicated to the delightful Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed. Here, Corgi enthusiasts gather to share their experiences, photos, and advice. Whether you’re a proud Corgi owner or simply adore these lovable pups, this forum is the perfect place to immerse yourself in all things Corgi.

#6 – Dogsey

Established: 2002
Users: 90,000+
Posts: 1,300,000+

Dogsey is a lively online community and forum for dog lovers, covering a wide range of topics, including training, behavior, health, and breed-specific discussions. With a user-friendly interface and active participation, this forum aims to foster a friendly environment where members can seek advice and build lasting connections.

#7 – Dog Forums

Name: Dog Forums
Established: 2006
Users: 150,000+
Posts: 2,500,000+

Dog Forums is a bustling platform where dog owners and enthusiasts come together to share knowledge and experiences. With dedicated sections for training, nutrition, behavior, and general dog chat, this forum has something to offer every dog lover, regardless of their level of expertise.

#8 – Golden Retriever Dog Forums

Name: Golden Retrievers: Golden Retriever Dog Forums
Established: 2005
Users: 60,000+
Posts: 800,000+

Golden Retrievers: Golden Retriever Dog Forums is a specialized forum catering to the needs of Golden Retriever owners and admirers. It provides a wealth of information on breed-specific topics, training techniques, health issues, and more. Join this passionate community to connect with fellow Golden Retriever enthusiasts.

#9 – – Dogs Forum

Name: – Dogs Forum
Established: 2005
Users: 70,000+
Posts: N/A’s Dogs Forum offers a unique platform for dog owners and lovers to discuss various topics related to dogs, including breeds, training, adoption, and local dog-friendly places. This forum allows members to tap into a vast network of dog enthusiasts across different cities and regions, offering a localized perspective.

#10 – Dogo Argentino Forum

Name: Dogo Argentino Forum
Established: 2009
Users: 10,000+
Posts: 150,000+

The Dogo Argentino Forum is a dedicated community for those passionate about the noble Dogo Argentino breed. With an emphasis on breed standards, training tips, and health-related discussions, this forum provides a wealth of resources for both experienced owners and those considering adding a Dogo Argentino to their family.

#11 – Bark and Biscuits Forum

Name: Bark and Biscuits Forum
Established: 2010
Users: 20,000+
Posts: 300,000+

Bark and Biscuits Forum is a welcoming space for dog owners and enthusiasts to engage in discussions about dog training, behavior, and general dog care. The forum also features a community marketplace where members can buy, sell, and trade dog-related products and services.

#12 –
Established: 2006
Users: 300,000+
Posts: 5,000,000+ offers a comprehensive platform for pet owners, including a dedicated section for dog lovers. With a large and active user base, this forum covers a broad range of dog-related topics, providing valuable insights, support, and a community of like-minded individuals.

#13 – Labradoodle Forums

Name:Labradoodle Forums
Established: 2008
Users: 30,000+
Posts: 400,000+

Labradoodle Forums is the go-to community for Labradoodle owners, breeders, and enthusiasts. This forum offers breed-specific advice, training tips, health information, and a place to share stories and photos of these popular designer dogs. Join the Labradoodle community to connect with fellow Labradoodle lovers.

#14 – Poodle Forum

Name: Poodle Forum
Established: 2009
Users: 40,000+
Posts: 600,000+

Poodle Forum is a vibrant community dedicated to all things Poodle. From Toy to Standard, this forum caters to Poodle owners, groomers, and enthusiasts. Share grooming tips, training techniques, and engage in breed-specific discussions to connect with fellow Poodle lovers.

#15 – Dog Forum

Name: Dog Forums Net
Established: 2005
Users: 100,000+
Posts: 1,800,000+

Dog Forums Net is a well-established online community that brings together dog owners and enthusiasts from around the world. With sections covering training, health, behavior, and breed-specific topics, this forum provides a platform for meaningful discussions and support.

#16 – German Shepherd Dog Forums

Name: German Shepherd Dog Forums
Established: 2002
Users: 120,000+
Posts: 3,000,000+

German Shepherd Dog Forums is a thriving community solely dedicated to German Shepherd owners and lovers. This forum provides a wealth of information on training, health concerns, breed-specific issues, and much more. Connect with fellow German Shepherd enthusiasts and tap into their collective knowledge and experience.

#17 – Dog Health Forums

Name: Dog Health Forums
Established: 2012
Users: 25,000+
Posts: 400,000+

Dog Health Forums is a specialized community focused on dog health and well-being. With discussions covering various health conditions, nutrition advice, preventive care, and alternative therapies, this forum is a valuable resource for dog owners seeking information and support on health-related matters.

#18 – Chihuahua People Forum

Name: Chihuahua People Forum
Established: 2004
Users: 35,000+
Posts: 500,000+

Chihuahua People Forum is a vibrant community dedicated to Chihuahua enthusiasts. Whether you’re a proud Chihuahua owner or simply adore this pint-sized breed, this forum offers a place to discuss training tips, health concerns, and share the joys of owning these tiny yet spirited dogs.

#19 –
Established: 2011
Users: 15,000+
Posts: 250,000+ is an Australian-based forum catering to dog owners, breeders, and trainers. With sections covering a wide range of dog-related topics, including behavior, training, and health, this forum fosters a community of passionate dog lovers, offering valuable insights and support.

#20 – Pet Discussion Forum for Dog Lovers

Name: Dog Forum – Pet Discussion Forum for Dog Lovers
Established: 2009
Users: 50,000+
Posts: 1,000,000+

Dog Forum is a popular pet discussion forum that specifically caters to dog lovers. This forum covers various topics related to dog ownership, including training, behavior, nutrition, and breed-specific discussions. Join this community to connect with fellow dog lovers and tap into their collective wisdom.


Engaging with the dog forums mentioned above can greatly enhance your journey as a dog owner or enthusiast. Whether you seek advice, share experiences, or simply connect with like-minded individuals, these forums offer valuable insights, support, and a sense of community. Make the most of these platforms, gain knowledge, and forge lasting friendships with fellow dog lovers who share your passion for our loyal and lovable companions.

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